World Famous Lover

Compromise and Sacrifice is that action in love which neither cares about one’s satisfaction nor expects anything in return. World Famous Lover is such a story which revolves around these two factors of love.

The movie starts with the life of Gautam (Vijay Devarkonda) and Yamini (Raashi Khanna) wherein one might notice Yamini to be doing everything for Gautam while Gautam might be seen simply eating, having sex and then sleep. Irked by this behavior of Gautam, Yamini weeps before Gautam and breaks up with him. Irritated by this, Gautam decides to write a book.

World Famous Lover

Gautam is a MBA graduate who during his college days published his first book named ‘Simple Economics‘. He always had a desire to become a writer. Thus, during the campus placement interview, he wasn’t interested in attending it. But due to Yamini’s advice to spend 8 hours towards work, 8 hours for writing and 8 hours for sleep, he agreed to go for the interview and got the job too. As Yamini’s father wasn’t happy with their relationship, she sacrificed her family and lived with Gautam. It was after working for a while, he quit his job and asked for a year’s time to write something. Agreeing to it and compromising everything for him, Yamini ran the house single-handedly while Gautam ended up doing nothing. Thus, she left him.

After Yamini leaves Gautam, he takes his laptop and types the first two words Yellandu, Telangana. From there he starts writing the novel wherein he brings two different stories, one illustrating upon Compromise and the other on Sacrifice. To know what’s the plot of each story and how does it convince Yamini in reuniting with Gautam, you have to watch the movie.

A plot of a movie generally requires love, romance, action, comedy, tragedy and happy ending. World Famous Lover has everything poured in it which satisfies the audience. The most highlighting part of the movie is the Gautam’s World Famous Lover book press release wherein he explains the connectivity of the novel with his life story and Yamini. The way the scenes have been filmed from the present to past and then from the past to present is truly amazing.

Vijay Devarkonda‘s movies is always expected with romance. And this movie gives it to the audience but in a limited way without distracting the plot of the movie. Vijay has been exceptional in every part of the film, making it likable for the viewers. Raashi Khanna as Yamini, nailed it through her acting. As she was involved in most of the emotional and heart breaking scenes, she truly gave her 100% and made us feel the character.

Catherine Teresa, Izabelle Leite and Aishwarya Rajesh who played supporting roles in the movie were like an ice on the cake. Their role proves to be strong in explaining love.

World Famous Lover

Songs are an important part of a movie. Though every song cannot be said as good, the song My Love simply makes one float in air being on earth.

Likewise, illustrating every part of the film, World Famous Lover directed by K. Kranti Madhav is a treat for this Valentine. So, watch it in your nearby theatres with your partners!

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