Think and then Enact!

Many a times, we tend to act without any intention to harm anyone and that’s the only thing which ends up being a problem. Enacting without thinking is like committing a suicide. Your activities may not be always right as people are of different mindsets. Their conceptions may vary. So in order to stay peaceful, you need to consider all variables before putting yourself into action.

Similarly, being always playful isn’t good as your appearance may make others feel bad. Emotions are expressions of human feelings. If you play with it, human heart will never forgive you.

So, analyzing the 26th episode of Bigg Boss Season 3 (Tamil), I derive,

If you’re ready to play with someone’s emotions,
Then be ready to receive hatred in return;
Like nothing comes for free in this world,
For your insertion of difficulty in one’s life,
You’ve to see your life too darkened.

Being playful isn’t a harm,
Being harmful cannot be counted as a play;
Only earlier realization of your mistakes,
Can save you from getting paid.

Therefore I say,
‘Think and then Enact!’.

by Benisha Nadar

(Bigg Boss (BB) is a popular game show where in different artists participate and live in a house for whole 100 days together. This game show is telecasted in different languages like English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Myself being a Tamilian, I watch it in Tamil. Being a writer, I utilize my most of the time in writing. So, with the purpose to utilize this span of time too, based on my analysis of BB’s every episode, I will plot messages and will post it in my website. So stay tuned to read more!)

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I'm Benisha, a passionate person who accidentally became a writer. Professionally i work as an executive while passionately i play with words which turns out to be a quote/ poem/ story. So find my all works here !

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