The Unforgettable Mishap !

Unforgettable is the person whom we love a lot and i suppose that’s the reason they stay immortal even after their demise. So, here’s me narrating such an immortal love story titled as “The Unforgettable Mishap” in a form of a poem.

Here it goes…………..

“Laying on the couch,
With a mindful of his thoughts;
I reminisced in brief,
The time spent with him lots .

A ride in his bike,
A lie to see him smile;
A look into his eyes,
All flowed into my mind.

It’s the end to all,
As he left me behind him;
Leaving the tears into my eyes,
Forever in rememberence of him.

Accidents are prone to happen,
But I wonder why it occurred to him;
Taking away his life,
And shattering me from within.

His blood flow in the accident spot,
Was declining his life second by second;
But he asked ‘Do you Love me ?’,
Even when the death was subsequent.

Weeped in pain,
And in regret for his dying heart;
But still I nodded indicating ‘Yes’,
That made him wear a smile with whole heart.

Slowly he became still without movement,
Freezing my tears steadily;
The moment I felt no pulse,
My eyes cried perpetually.

I remember they took him in stretcher,
Snatching away my happiness 2 years ago;
Now i live with his memories,
As he’s still immortal in me ! “

by Benisha Nadar

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I'm Benisha, a passionate person who accidentally became a writer. Professionally i work as an executive while passionately i play with words which turns out to be a quote/ poem/ story. So find my all works here !

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