The Twilight Series

I’m sure many would have either read the novel or watched the movie of Twilight before. So, I would not state this blog to be a movie review. Instead, this blog gives you a glance of The Twilight Series which would prove to be real fun in watching, during the period of Lockdown in India.

Edward Cullen, being a vampire slowly falls in love with a human, Bella Swan and the same goes with Bella. She gets to know the truth about his nature later but accepts him which may seem foolish at some point.


Jacob, a wolf, who’s a close friend of Bella falls in love with Bella too. Though Bella loves him too, she never agrees to accept him as she loved Edward more than anyone.


This creates many face offs between Edward and Jacob. But Bella being clear of her decisions agree to marry Edward without changing herself into a vampire.


Everything goes as planned but after marriage, within 14 days, Bella becomes pregnant. After checking, the Cullen family get to know that the foetus is a vampire which sucks Bella slowly from inside, making her thin day by day. To not make the situation go worse, they feed Bella with blood which makes her fell better in health. After all, the delivery time came and the Vampire baby was brought out by slitting Bella’s womb when she was conscious. With terrible pain, she gives birth but she falls dead. Edward and Jacob try to bring her back, but she doesn’t return back. At last, Edward injects his venom in her to bring her back and let’s her lay for a while to recover. And as expected, she returned as a Vampire and lived with her daughter and the Cullen’s family after that.


As Edward and Bella’s daughter Renesmee was half vampire and half human, which gets revealed at the end, her growth takes place in a massive speed. Perceiving this to be an immortal thing, the Volturi, powerful among the Vampire, decide go against the Cullens. And to not let Renesmee get hurt, the Cullens gather their close relatives, friends and the wolves to convince Volturi.

And after few days, they all gather in a closet area with Volturi in opposite.


Though the Volturis get to know about the truth of Renesmee, they decide to fight with the Cullens perceiving Renesmee’s presence to be dangerous. But Alice, the sister of Edward, shows them a vision of a war between both wherein the Cullens win. Even she brings up a half vampire half human person whose words convinces the Volturi. In a disaster state, they all return leaving the Cullens happily behind.


The entire plot of the Twilight is divided into five series, each explaining and taking the story further. With an exceptional plot, the story engages the viewers well. May these all seem like a fantasy or a myth, but this movie is truly an amazing one to watch.

As the story is being derived from the popular novel Twilight and the four other following books written by Stephenie Meyer, the appreciation goes to her. Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan), Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob) who have played the lead roles in this movie have been extraordinary throughout the film. And direction wise, in total four directors are to be applauded, Catherine Hardwicke (directed Twilight), Chris Weitz (directed The Twilight series – New Moon), David Slade (directed The Twilight series – Eclipse) and Bill Condon (directed The Twilight series – Breaking Dawn part 1 & 2).

Everything was amazing in this movie and particularly to mention, the fight between the Cullens and the Volturis were breath-taking. Though it was expected to be true but at last it just ended up as a vision of Alice. Also, the last vision of Alice wherein she catches up Renesmee close enough with Jacob,  gives the movie a happy ending.


As India is going through a lockdown until 14th April, I would suggest everyone to watch The Twilight series and have fun at home.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

P. S. Many characters of the movie has not been mentioned in this blog which are too appreciable.

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