The Heart that’s Adamant!

When love meets your life, you feel the paradise on earth. And when it comes with complexity, it becomes equally challenging for you. Every girl doesn’t find it easy to accept a guy. Therefore they tend to ignore them slowly to end up all as fine. But still people being adamant keep following their love without bothering the challenges faced by them in the pathway of their love life. Therefore, to such adamant hearts, here’s a post The Heart that’s Adamant.

Everytime it has been very easy for mens to fall in love with a women. But for women it has been equally difficult. This difficulty takes different forms in everyone’s life and turns out to be a challenge for them. The one who finds it difficult tries in walking away by ignoring the person and the circumstance. But the person who loves them, stays adamant and keeps following her. This irritates some while makes some fall in love too.

Similar is the situation in Sanjivani (Television Series). Dr. Asha who got married to Dr. Sid has become a wall in between Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani who were in love. As Dr. Sid found Dr. Asha to have betrayed him, he started loving Dr. Ishani more and more. Failed to realize that Dr. Ishani was the one who always tried in unveiling the truth behind Dr. Asha, Dr. Sid now loves Dr. Ishani madly. As still Dr. Sid is husband of Dr. Asha, Dr. Ishani keeps herself away from him. But Dr. Sid makes it very difficult for Dr. Ishani to walk away. Will the adamant heart of Dr. Sid make Dr. Ishani comeback into his life? Let’s wait and watch the further episodes of Sanjivani for the same.

As such adamancy is common in love, here’s what I described the entire scene in a form of poem titled as The Heart that’s Adamant!

When a person finds his love,
It becomes difficult for him to move on without her;
Therefore even if she ignores him,
He keeps on following her.

A hope that one day she will turn back,
Keeps him alive throughout his life;
And when something turns out to be unfavorable,
He never repents but keeps his emotions stabilized.

Human heart lacks coordination with mind,
And thus when we perceive unfortunate events in love, we keep ignoring it always;
Therefore without bothering the consequences and pains,
Our heart remains adamant as always!

by Benisha Nadar


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I'm Benisha, a passionate person who accidentally became a writer. Professionally i work as an executive while passionately i play with words which turns out to be a quote/ poem/ story. So find my all works here !

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