The first step to succeed is to Try!

Every person carries an aim. And amongst them only a few step up and work for it. Why doesn’t others make a move? It’s because of the Fear of Failure. To defeat your fear you need to make a try. And here’s a post The first step to succeed is to Try to highlight the importance of trying.

There’s a popular quote saying Failures are stepping stones for success. Though it’s the most common one and everyone knows the same, people fail to put an effort. Will you ever attain success if you sit idle? It’s obviously not. Only if you try you will be able to achieve high. And if the former saying is true then facing the failures in your pathway is also true. Life poses various challenges. Likewise is your pathway to your aim. It will be filled with ups and downs. But if you successfully face all the difficulties, at the end you will reach your destination.

Nothing can be achieved without putting an effort. So put an effort and try to attain what you wish to achieve. Fear will always keep you trapped into it’s circle. And you may not be able to see the sky if you feel frightened to try. If you ask me which is worse Failure or Fear? I would say Fear. Failure teaches you a lesson while Fear pushes you into a reserved place. To fight the fear you need confidence and with the confidence you will be able to try. So take a step ahead and try as it’s the first step to succeed.

So here’s what I’ve described the entire article in two lines.

Like the depth of a sea can be gauged only by taking a dive,
Similarly the distance of your destination can be measured only by making a try!

So take a step ahead and try!

by Benisha Nadar


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