The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

We all could never imagine about aging backwards as it never happened before. But a movie which showed a man aging backwards is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button directed by David Fincher.

The plot starts with the an old woman named Daisy, on her death bed, telling the story of Benjamin Button to her daughter Caroline. When she asks to read the diary of Benjamin, it opens up to the celebration of World War II end wherein a lady gives birth to Benjamin, an aged baby. After giving birth, unfortunately, she dies. Noticing this, her husband, Mr. Thomas Button considers his aged son to be the reason and abandons him on the porch of a nursing home. Queenie and Tizzy Weather, when they perceive the baby, they understand that the abandoner didn’t wish to raise the baby as it was aged.

Benjamin Button

Perceiving the baby close to death, Queenie decides to raise it.

When the time passed, Benjamin grew taller but seemed till older which made people in nursing home believe that he survived from death. Slowly, with time, Benjamin learns to walk from his wheelchair but still his appearance puts him in a wonder when it bothers some people around him. When Benjamin was old enough, he met little Daisy in the nursing home. Stunned by her blue eyes, Benjamin starts adoring her. And alike Benjamin, she adores him too.

With the passing time, Benjamin meets his father Thomas who hides the truth from him. Also, he accepts the job in a Tugboat. Thus, one day, he leaves the nursing home to work, leaving his beloved Mama and Daisy behind. But he promised Daisy that he would leave a postcard for her from everywhere he went and he kept his promise too. Similarly, Daisy wrote letters to Benjamin wherein in one such letter, she mentioned she was invited to New York for a dancing audition. After getting selected, she joins the company while on another side, Benjamin meets Elizabeth, the wife of a Trade Minister, with whom he begins an affair.

Benjamin Button

Later, after surviving a war, Benjamin returns back to the nursing home wherein he finds Mr. Tizzy to have been passed away. He too meets Thomas who reveals the truth that he is his son and handovers him his Button company and estate when he was nearing death.

After all, Daisy was the dearest to Benjamin. Thus, he goes to New York to meet her. But to his surprise, he finds her in love with someone and therefore, leaves the place without any word. Later, after years, when he hears the news of Daisy being met with an accident wherein her leg gets crushed, he goes to meet her. But she him denies from staying back to help her. Thus, he leaves back to the nursing home after staying in New York to help Daisy, if in need.

Then, a day comes, when he meets Daisy again in the nursing home. And this time, they get back together loving each other unconditionally.

Benjamin Button

Sooner, they shift to a separate dwelling and lead a happy life after Benjamin’s mother Queenie passes away. Daisy opens her own ballet studio and tells him that she’s pregnant. After the baby’s birth, Benjamin fears about his age and believes he cannot be a father. Thus, he leaves both Caroline and Daisy back and goes to India.

After years, when he was in his young age and Daisy was getting older, he came to meet her again. He got to know that she had married to a man to take care of her daughter. But this doesn’t stop them from getting closer to each other. And therefore, they enjoy the night time together at Benjamin’s place.

Later, after years pass, Caroline gets a call and when she visits the same nursing home, she meets Benjamin who was a child now, suffering from Dementia. He loses his past memories and slowly reduces his thinking capacity and memory. Until his death, Daisy takes care of him and one day, when he was as small as a baby, he died in her arms.

Benjamin Button

After hearing this story, Caroline realizes that Benjamin was her father. And with the approaching Hurricane, Daisy dies in her bed.

It’s very rare that we find babies with such a disease. Life never goes in a reverse cycle but this movie had brought such a concept. As such human faces a lot of troubles while growing older but when it comes to growing younger, we cannot think about the consequences. Bringing every such unimaginable thing before our eyes, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is an amazing one to watch.

I must say that Brad Pitt (Benjamin Button) and Cate Blanchett (Daisy) played their roles flawlessly. With their passion of love on-screen, they make it lovable to watch.

As we all are staying home during this quarantine time, here’s another movie suggestion for you all. Enjoy your time!

Stay home, Stay safe!

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