The Blaming Game – Part 1

The Talented Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has pushed the entire Bollywood film Industry in shock and defamation. As per police reports, it’s said the actor was dead by suicide and the pills for depression was found in his room. It’s when his close acquaintances confirmed that he was depressed because of Bollywood’s favoritism, the blaming game commenced!

Demise of Sushant Singh Rajput

14th June was when the actor Sushant had been found dead in his residence which aroused uncontrollable emotions and mournful tweets and Instagram posts from legendary actors, Sushant’s friends, cricketers and even politicians. As the actor’s demise was unacceptable, everyone poured their sorrow but it turned into a rage, when they learnt about the truth.

Immediately after the death of Sushant, his fans started digging out the reason behind his death when they found several posts and interviews which stated, he had immensely suffered due to the existence of Nepotism in Bollywood. Even his father’s revelation that Sushant was badly hit by the increasing demand for Star Kids and the less-importance paid to the struggling talents like him aroused fury.

Kangana Ranaut speaks against Nepotism

Reading such black side of Bollywood, Kangana Ranuat had posted a video, a week ago, on 18th June which questioned the injustice done to Sushant. ‘When a bad movie like Gully Boy was awarded, why the best movie Chhichhore wasn’t recognized and appraised?’, was Kangana’s question.

Following this video, she even had released a second video, wherein she pointed out several printed medias which wrote ill about the talented actor and questioned why such articles never gets written on Star Kids. She brought clear facts before the public that turned the entire people against the Movie Mafia gang.

Sonu Nigam’s Explicit revelation

After Kangana kept the allegations, it was Sonu Nigam next who opened up stating there’s a bigger Mafia in Music Industry as compared to the film industry. He came up with two videos wherein he urged the music companies to be kind with the new comers and highlighted their favoritism too.

He too warned Bhushan Kumar for messing up with him which received a back answer from Divya Khosla Kumar. She blamed Sonu Nigam for been unfaithful as he didn’t stand up for T-series after Gulshan Kumar died. As Sonu Nigam had alleged T-series for not giving rooms for new talents, she backfired by asking him the same question. Divya Khosla Kumar even named several actors whom she lifted up. She even stated T-series had been working with several new comers proving Sonu Nigam’s statements as wrong. Even she mentioned that it was Gulshan Kumar who enlightened his path and made a star to whom he was ungrateful.

Ahmed Questions Sonam

When such blaming game was catching fire, the social media fame Ahmed Meeran’s question to Sonam Kapoor became viral. It’s said that after his post mentioning nepotism, in which Sonam Kapoor and her flop movies were talked about, the actress Sonam Kapoor blocked him on Instagram. Considering her to be evading from the truth, Ahmed Meeran on Wednesday i.e. 24th June, questioned her through a video and posted it on Twitter which was viewed by lakhs and shared by thousands of people. ‘When the actress like Radhika Apte and several other talented people strive to get a movie, how did you manage to get 20 movies?’ was his question. He also asked her outwardly saying, ‘How much did you bribe to get a National Award for your movie Neerja?’.

Sushant’s death was truly heart-breaking but never imagined that such revelations after his death would be so bothering. The fact that the Bollywood is ruled by Nepotism earns more hostility towards it. Talent recognition as well as Elimination of Nepotism is of prime importance, for which many are standing against the Movie Mafia gang today. As the hidden dark secrets are slowly getting uncovered, the blaming game haven’t come to an end yet. So, let’s wait and see what happens next. But whatever be the case, I wish Sushant seeks justice. I will uncover the next happenings in another blog. Until then, stay tuned!

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