The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Dreams are hardly achieved only because we rarely believe it. One can accomplish their dreams if they believe is what “The Alchemist” novel indicates.

The storyline begins with a Shepherd named Santiago who gets a recurring dream of a treasure being hidden in the pyramids of Egypt. Confused by it’s recurrence, he consults a fortune teller for help. Dissatisfied by her assistance, he disagrees to her words. Later he meets the king of Salem who explains him about the treasure and advices him to sell his sheeps and travel to Egypt in search of the treasure. After reaching the place, he gets robbed unfortunately. Stranded with no money in a new place, he reaches out to a crystal merchant shop and gets a job there. After earning enough money, he travels again in search of treasure. Likewise the path in which the shepherd walked posed great difficulties. Therefore did the shepherd lose hope of the treasure? Or did he gain confidence and acquire his dreams? To know it, purchase the novel today.

I presume it as the best motivational novel for all youngsters in achieving their dreams penned by Paulo Coelho. So read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and get inspired!

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