Sivakarthikeyan – A dedication to him

Entertainers are many but the entertainers who reside in every age group’s heart are few. Amongst those enthusiasts, Sivakarthikeyan is the most loved one. So here’s a post titled Sivakarthikeyan – A dedication to him all about him.

At every step you may not attain success but at your every aim-filled attempt, you will succeed surely. A living epitome of the above phrase is the shining star Sivakarthikeyan. Starting up his career as a stand up comedian, he slowly grew up as an anchor. His amusing words and entertaining jokes earned lot of applause and fans too. As he stepped ahead with a charm and grace, he sought an opportunity to see himself in big screen through Marina. After his appearance, he received endless claps and movie opportunities. He gave several remarkable movies amongst which the most reached one is Remo. Though he was a stand up comedian in start, now he has rised up into an actor, singer, lyricist and producer. It’s his own efforts and aim that drived him to this stage.

Your every drop of sweat that falls on earth firmly turns into a pearl. Likewise Sivakarthikeyan’s growth is a real inspiration to many people. So Sivakarthikeyan – A dedication to him is all for him.

Cute is an adjective which is used to describe girls,
But for him I would use it again and again;
Though his talks are really joyful,
His gestures are lovable through which millions of heart he gains.

Be it his eyes or charm filled grace,
People fall for him viewing his romantic essence on screen;
His habit of inserting smile on everyone’s face,
Attracts all age groups be it kid, elderly people or teen.

Blessed with a beautiful family,
He rules over fan’s heart being a lion;
An irreplaceably cheerful actor of kollywood,
Is none other than our Sivakarthikeyan.

From actor to lyricist,
He has moulded himself in an amazing way;
I wish he achieves high in his life,
And forever his daughter’s cuteness makes him joyous all the way!

by Benisha Nadar 


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I'm Benisha, a passionate person who accidentally became a writer. Professionally i work as an executive while passionately i play with words which turns out to be a quote/ poem/ story. So find my all works here !

3 thoughts on “Sivakarthikeyan – A dedication to him

  1. Ahhh sema… In the above poem, u have mentioned what all I liked from him nd what all I got inspired from him in a more professional way.. Just awesome.. Feeling so proud to be a fan of the ever humble, helping nd kind hearted Sivakarthikeyan anna… And once again thank u for this wonderful post..

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