Say No to Suicide and Yes to Life

We say, Life is precious like a pearl but do we mean it really? If life was admired and treasured like a pearl, no one will ever commit suicide on earth. Shall we Say No to suicide and Yes to Life?

Problems are the most depressing thing in life as it devastates even the strong and worsens the one with poor mental health. But is suicide the right decision to be taken at such critical times?

Suicide is where one forces themselves to death willingly due to depression and mental sickness. This has been commonly committed by people around the world who fail to cope with the trouble and to put an end to it, they end their lives. But for the problems, is sacrificing your life worth it?

We humans come across various situations, wherein we feel happy and mournful at times. None can expect a peaceful life without trouble as the occurrence of problems are common, which we too know. Then why don’t we show some confidence in facing the issues? Suicide is such a decision which affects your surrounding people as its them who will mourn over your memories after your death.

Depression can push us to any extreme which we realized after hearing the suicide news of the Veteran actor Sushant Singh Rajput. His death pushed everyone to disbelief and sorrow as he was an amazing person. Don’t know what could have been the reason behind his decision but today after hearing his news, everyone are suggesting to speak up their problems to seek a solution and not push yourselves to darkness. I won’t talk over his death as it isn’t appropriate to talk, unless known about his personal issues. But I would request others to not take such decisions at any cost.

Every South Indian must have seen ‘3’ movie movie starring Dhanush and Shruti Hasan which too gave a message ‘Suicide isn’t the solution for any problem‘. The people around you are the one to whom you’re lovable. Think about them before you end up your life and without being worried, talk to others to arrive at a conclusion. I personally believe if any problem arises, there’s always a solution to it. So, find it to resolve issues and don’t commit suicide and live your life.

Here’s a short poem to enlighten you!

Human life has two sides,
If one is merry then, other may make you worry;
You need to show extreme confidence,
To accept both briskly.

Some decide to move on,
While some give up;
Remember, your decision impacts others too,
So, think about them if not for self and take an optimistic step ahead!

Say No to Suicide
And Yes to Life!

a message from Benisha Nadar 

Say No to Suicide and Yes to Life

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