Reshma Reya – A dedication to you

An actor who became popular at the initial stage of her acting career is Reshma Reya. So here’s a post Reshma Reya – A dedication to you” on her.

Born in Kottayam, Kerala, she was brought up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She did her schooling in NSN Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai. She completed her graduation in BBA at SDNB Vaishnav College for Women. As she had a desire in viewing her face once in television, she chose modelling after her graduation. She participated in Face of Chennai, 2015 and in Miss Madras, 2016. She even backed up the 2nd runner up prize in Miss Madras.

When she was confused about what to do next, she got an opportunity to participate in Dance Jodi Dance. Undoubtedly her moves mesmerized the judges and she won the runner up prize in it. It was during the dance show, she got a call for a lead role play in Poove Poochoodava (PPV) serial. Immediately after her audition, she received a call saying she has got selected for the role. And that’s the time she rised up in her career. Being Shakti (lead role in PPV) she captured many eyes and heart. Her popularity increased so much that she got nominated for the Best Actor Female in Zee Tamil Family Awards and won the award too.

It’s very rare that a person grows so quickly in the field of acting. So to the Rising Star Reshma Reya, here’s a dedication. A poem penned by me titled as “Reshma Reya – A dedication to you“, goes like this….

Down to earth are few,
Likewise the most down to earth I met was her;
The one who has immense support of her amma,
It’s none other than our beloved Reshma.

Look of every actor,
Generally persuades the viewers;
But her voice and gesture was enough,
To make poove poochoodava fans impress.

Her moves has a style,
And that’s why I suppose in DJD she won a prize;
Her postures are mesmerizing,
And that’s the reason she won in Miss Madras.

Amongst the known actors,
She’s the most interactive;
And therefore for her fans,
She’s always superlative.

Her beauty is worth gazing,
Her works are worth appreciating;
So Reshma, you are extraordinary,
Therefore reach high as your fan’s support is with you already!

by Benisha Nadar

Reshma reya

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