Rape – Will it ever end?

Women desires to achieve their aim while Men desires to attain Women. And for that they can go to any extent i.e they can even abduct and rape her. Because of such a cheap mentality of our society men (not wholly), women still feels insecure to move out of their house.

What happened in Delhi Gang rape, what had happened to Asifa, the same today has occurred with Priyanka Reddy of Hyderabad. Doesn’t the men feel ashamed to do such things? How will they ever feel ashamed as their wish gets fulfilled. This is so disgusting. India being a developing nation, when it’s citizens carry such a thought, how will it ever develop?

Every year many such cases comes out and at such times we keep asking for justice. But have we ever got it? Still it occurs in recurrence. None of the officials ever helped the women in trouble and none of the laws proved to be powerful enough to punish such destroyers. If you ask Are we living in a safe society? Then the answer to it is obviously no.

There was an era when people believed in Being human and showering Humanity. But in this era, we can only talk about it as none carries it. If such men weren’t a devil and if they behaved like a human, such wrong happenings wouldn’t have occurred with any women.

It isn’t only about humanity, it’s also the Technology which is a reason behind the evil happenings. Nowadays everything is in our finger tip. Be it an essential thing or a unnecessary one, everything can be accessed easily. Likewise is the porn videos and other websites that allows the access to the same. Something which I don’t understand is the availability of such videos. Why is it made available? Why is it so important that there isn’t any restriction in uploading such videos? It’s such videos that in-builts a desire in men and therefore the result leads to rape. When there are so many regulations for the earlier release of movies in websites, why doesn’t the responsible bureau regulate such porn websites? Every age group largely gets affected by it and thus women suffer.

Though certain things evokes men towards rape, their acts can never be forgived. I wish the laws that are implemented becomes strong. Awareness of the existing laws and emergency contacts are been made. Websites that portrays women in a wrong way gets removed permanently. Women in our society get highly protected from such devils. And the devils who push women into a dark area, I wish they get punished as violently as they destroy the women.

Every year we talk about some or the other women who dies in the hands of devils. I hope this comes to an end and we get to talk about Being Human. With an urge to all for staying united and rescue such women facing trouble, I end this article here!

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