Raashi’s Fan Friday

Fan Friday is the most common concept. It’s where the fans art and other activities are noticed by actors and they show gratitude towards their love. As it’s commonly conducted on Friday it’s named as Fan Friday. In that way, an actor who notices fan’s work and appreciates them for their devotion is Raashi Khanna. So here’s a post titled Raashi’s Fan Friday all about it.

Raashi Khanna is an elegant and a rising star of Kollywood and Tollywood. Her career has seen a step-by-step progression which now demands her to act with top actors. Though she’s a star, she takes some time every friday to appreciate fans. I suppose it’s her generosity that she has been so down to earth with her fanbase.

Raashi Khanna had started a hashtag on instagram called #artforraashi. Through this hashtag she takes up a look at every art made for her. And if liked, she mentions their name in her story on Friday. As this hashtag is popular, here’s a short message indicating the happiness that a fan like me receive on Raashi’s Fan Friday.

For you every fan is one,
While for fans you are the loved one;
Your fan friday makes us desire to mention us in your story,
Which if happens leads to a glory.

Happiness is extreme
But the joy that we get on Fridays are irreplaceable;
I wish you continue it as long as possible,
As your insertion of smile on a dry face is too adorable.

by Benisha Nadar 

Raashi's Fan Friday

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