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Every morning when we turn the newspaper, we get to read about various events among which Rape news too becomes a part. Isn’t this something awful? But the worse happening is Child abuse, wherein a small child gets mistreated by the evil men. And to let you all know, we all live with such men around us, as they all are free from punishments by forcing the girls to bear the undeserving pain for lifetime. I’ve already spoken about rape and abuses that women face in our surroundings, but today if I took that topic again, then it’s because of the movie Ponmagal vandhal.

Ponmagal Vandhal is a Jyothika starrer movie, directed by JJ Fredrick and produced by Suriya. In this movie, she plays a role of an advocate and fights for the justice of Jothi. As you all know the plot of the movie, I would talk less about it and emphasize more on its key message.

Child abuse is just a news when we hear but when it happens to someone close, we understand it’s terror and pain. Likewise, Jothi (character of the movie) who had a daughter named Vemba, lived in Ooty. Once it happened that her daughter died due to the physical mistreatment done by two men. When Jothi found it, she remained shattered but rescued the other girl, Angel, who was fighting for her life in the same place. Though she tried to escape, the two men blocked her pathway. But Jothi, shot both of them using their own gun and later surrendered herself to police. She believed that the cops will put her behind the bars but they took her to that person, who was the father of one of the mistreating evil and he shot Jothi to death.

The corrupt father, police and doctors later, fabricated the entire story wherein they framed Jothi as the criminal. When Angel realized the injustice done to Jothi, she studied for law and after becoming an advocate, she opened the case of Jothi again and brought justice to her.

I personally believe that ‘What we see impacts more than what we hear’. Thus, this movie gives a huge impact and for that I would like to extend my gratitude to the cast and crew of Ponmagal Vandhal. The mention of Asifa and several other child who faced the brutality at a very small age, truly made me look back. And to say, the character ‘Vemba‘ (who’s later found as ‘Angel‘) has been a voice for all other unmentioned and suffering girls who too faced such a physical torture at some point of their life.

Why is that the victims always suffer while the criminals stay care-free? Why don’t they get punished promptly providing justice to the victims as well as the deceased? We all have such questions in our mind and to state the truth, we all have been a reason behind the criminals being free.

If we face a problem, we share with our family and friends. Then why don’t we share the sexual abuses that we come across? Why do we hesitate? Due to our hesitation, the evils tend to continue doing such acts unhesitatingly. But it isn’t always the girls who are to be blamed for hesitating as their family creates such an environment. If parents would talk freely to their daughters, then they would feel less bothered in sharing such instances which would increase the chance of facing the evil and pushing them to trouble. And every women possess the best level of confidence in them. It’s just required to be showed during such occurrences as unless we raise voice, we won’t get justice.

Jyothika ma’am has always been inspiring through her women-centric movies, among which this too is the one, the best one to say. The end of the movie which says ‘As girls at home are asked by parents to behave properly by teaching them morality, the boys too needs to be taught to not misbehave with girls‘ was the most appropriate message the was registered. Also, the requirement of providing quick judgement on such cases which was again registered at the end of the movie, truly deserves an applause.

We generally watch movies for entertainment purpose, but when the movies like ‘Ponmagal Vandhal‘ comes before our eyes, we feel responsible for the committed as well as required actions. Hats off to the team of Ponmagal Vandhal as the message in movie truly hits hard. Watch it in Amazon prime, if you haven’t and bring a change in you!

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