Never Let Humanity Fade

The moral stories, the King and minister’s fable all have inspired every one of us. And I’m glad that I could contribute one such story named as ‘The King and his Question’ in this website which received an amazing response. So, to inspire you all again, here’s an another moral story titled as Never Let Humanity Fade. Read the story and leave your comments below!

Once a King was having a word with his ministers when one of his Kingdom man came running into the palace. Panting heavily, he stood before the King, making him fear.

“What happened young man? Why were you in such a hurry?”, the King questioned.

“My lord! I saw a strange man in our Kingdom”, the young man answered still panting.

“How strange did he look?”

“He was fair but his appearance looked strange. He had worn a shirt and a half pant”.

“A half pant? Does that even gets sold in any market?”, the King asked one of his minister.

“No, my lord. This is weird”, the minister answered.

“Hmm. You go ahead”, the King ordered the young man.

“He had worn a band like thing in his hand and a black thing covering his eyes”.

The King pondered over the young man’s description and ordered his guards to bring him to the palace immediately.

After an hour, the man was brought to the palace. And alike the young man said, he looked strange enough. The King took a glance at the man, his belongings, the band in his hand which was a wrist watch, whose first invention was made in 1868 and the black thing covering the eyes which was a sunglass, whose concept emerged in 1840.

“Hi King! Nice to meet you”, the stranger spoke before the King could ask him and his ‘Hi’ pushed the King into a thought.

“What is a Hi?”, the King questioned.

“May be he meant ‘High’ to praise your highness”, one of his ministers intruded.

“No majesty! I meant a hello. It’s the way of greeting”, the stranger said which made the King give a disgusting look to his minister who stated it as highness.

“Who are you? Are you an alien?”

“No! I am just from a different century”.

“Different century? Are you fooling us?”

“No majesty. I have travelled back with Time Travelling Instrument”.

“From which century?”

“From 20th century to 19th”

“I couldn’t believe you”

The stranger took out the instrument in his hand which made everyone scare.

“Please don’t bother. It’s just a machine which helps you to time travel”, the stranger explained.

“Show it to me”, the King ordered.

The stranger stepped towards the King with the device. But his minister stopped him and took the device to the King. The device was rectangular in shape which had a blinking red light on it. It had separate section for date, month and year.

“How do you use this?”, the King asked.

“My lord. Can I come there to explain?”

“Yes, you may come”.

After getting closer, the stranger explained the functions of the device in a detailed manner which obviously didn’t persuade the King. His appearance bothered everyone in the Kingdom. Thus, the King ordered his guards to put him in a cell until he was asked to be released.

After everyone got dispersed, the King held the device in his hand and kept staring at it. ‘Does time travelling really happen?‘ is something which kept the King thinking. And when he didn’t get any solution, he thought to use the device and travel to the future. So, the King changed the year to 2000 from 1950 and let the date and month remain the same as 21st September. After inserting the date, he clicked on a red button as instructed by the stranger. The blinking red light turned into green when clicked and a sudden force drived the King to the future.

With eyes closed, the King landed in the 20th century. When he opened his eyes, he found himself into a dark room. Wondering where his palace disappeared, he looked around. That’s when he found two human over bed who appeared closer to each other. It seemed as if they were intimate which wasn’t clear to the King’s vision. So, he kept looking at them.

When the human’s eye went over the King, they got shocked. The King’s dress, jewelry and his crown made him seem like a clown.

“Hey! What are you doing here?”, the man asked.

“This should be my question, young man”, the King answered.


“Honey! Just look at his dressing. Doesn’t he seem like a clown”, the woman chattered which left the King taken aback.

“Are you a magician? If not then how did you manage to enter into a locked room?”, the man questioned.

“Young man, I’m neither a magician nor an intruder. I’m a King from 19th century”.

“What the hell! You be whatever you want to be. Just get the hell out of this room right now”, the man took a table clock in his hand signing to throw it upon the King noticing which the King ran out of the room.

These people aren’t courteous at all‘, the King said to himself and walked out into the street.

The King was surprised to see the tall buildings, different stores, numerous plying vehicles and the stranger like people all over the area.

“Hey you, f**k off”, a vehicle driver yelled at the King as he stood blocking his way.

“Hello gentleman. I can go off but what’s f**k off?”, the King questioned.

“Get away from my way you idiot”

“Sure. I can do that for you”.

After the King paved the way, the vehicle paced ahead fastly.

These people neither are kind nor they are steady‘, the King said this to himself and moved ahead looking at the infrastructures.

Then, looking into the glass door of a store, the King corrected his big moustache and felt great of his appearance as it was unique and royal from others. But he couldn’t neglect the weird looks of the people for his costume. Thus, he walked into a store immediately.

After entering, the King found it to be a restaurant. Thus, he sat on an idle table and read the menu. The King couldn’t make out the dishes by it’s name except noodles. So, after ordering the noodles, the King ate it. As the noodles originated centuries before the King’s birth, it was easy for the King to identify by it’s name. But when it came to payment, the King stammered. The King didn’t had any gold coins to give and not even money. Thus, he gave his crown to the shopkeeper. But he ignored in accepting it and asked for either cash or card which made the King wonder. When the shopkeeper understood that the King had no money, he was thrown out of the shop.

These people aren’t polite at all‘, the King said to himself and moved ahead.

He looked at the fountain, the garden, and the surroundings with an awe on his face. When he was enjoying the unseen view around him, he found a vehicle which crashed with the other on road. Noticing the accident, the humans ran to help which persuaded the King.

After he felt satisfied with the exploration, he returned back to his Kingdom. When he entered into his palace, his ministers and guards were found to be in trouble.

“What happened? Why such a chaos?”, the King asked.

The ministers and the guards were happy to see their King after a long search.

“My lord! Where have you been?”, one of his minister asked.

“I just travelled to the future”.

Everyone in the palace was taken aback listening to the King as they didn’t believe.

“Don’t worry. I’m alright. Release the stranger from his cell and bring him to me”.

“Yes, your majesty”.

After the stranger was brought, the King gave away the device to the man and said, “Everything has been changed in the 20th century. The infrastructure, the appearance, clothing, food and even human behavior. But the only thing that lived is Humanity. I wish you all at least hold that even if years pass. Now, I order you to return back to your place”.

Listening to the King, the man smiled as he was satisfied with the King’s gesture and returned back to the 20th century.

a story by Benisha Nadar

Moral of the story: Never let Humanity fade

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