My Secret Lover

(A Conversation at Workplace)

“Hey, I heard that yesterday you walked to home without taking public transport?”, my colleague asked.

I knew that she would raise such a question as I stay five kilometre away from my workplace.

“Yes”, I replied simply.

My one word reply didn’t settle my colleague’s doubts as she kept raising questions.

“But why? Didn’t you had money? You could have asked me?”

She asked the very question that came to her mind which was obvious but my reply made her astonish.

“It isn’t that. I wished to walk yesterday”, I replied.

Raising her right eye brow in suspicion, she asked, “You never felt like that before. What happened suddenly that you changed your mind?”

“It was him who changed everything”.

Until now, my colleague was suspecting but she received a confirmation when I added ‘Him‘ in my reply. Excitement bloomed in her as her next question implied the same.

“Who’s that ‘Him‘?”, she asked with a curiosity.

“He’s my love”, I said , wondering about him.

Alike a lost girl in remembrance of her lover, I stood before her which made her exclaim teasingly.

“Oh ho! My Friend is in love”

I smiled in coy, blushing greatly which made her more impulsive.

“That means you went with him yesterday?”

There she arrived at the point by asking the right question. But I didn’t answer her promptly as my eyes were engaged in adoring her eagerness. Alike a thirsty being, she stood before me to hear about my secret lover. I couldn’t stop myself from bringing a smile looking at her curious face. I had never shared about him to anyone but I suppose the time had arrived when I had to open up. After all, she was my friend and I hid nothing from her. So, I unveiled the secret to her.

“Yesterday I packed my belongings in handbag and moved out of office exactly at five. I wasn’t going to meet him as his arrival was unknown. I walked straight to exit without halting anywhere to bid goodbye to the security guards, loitering inside the premises, as I usually do it. But I got stunned when I stepped out of the premises -”

While I was interestingly narrating yesterday’s happening, my colleague interrupted me. As she was very keen, she couldn’t keep quite and asked me, “Wasn’t that him who stunned you?”.

I grinned when she uttered and to alleviate her aroused excitement, I responded without any wait.

“Yes. It was unexpected. I moved out casually but as soon as I met him, he showered his love on me extremely. I felt his affection to be heavy. May be, as we met after a long while, his love showed the sign of pain. But I felt blissful in his presence even though his pain stroke me hard. His appearance was so pleasure-giving that I wanted to open my arms wide and put it around his neck by hugging him tightly. As his love tempted me, my body wanted to change the posture. But the falling eyes of people around me made me feel shy and I withdrew the idea and walked along with him”.

“It was an hour long travel to my home as we covered the five kilometre distance by simply walking. But I didn’t regret the journey as he was alongside, making every minute memorable. With every step we took together towards my home, he became mischievous. His closeness increased from brushing of our hands to holding it tight and he kept squeezing it softly by raising my heart beat. I realized his impulsiveness to hold me close which he was expressing in public place. Although he was wrong in his behavior, I couldn’t stop him. As his every close move was forcing me into it and made me go crazy with him, I didn’t stop him from being intense”.

“Long walk usually aches the leg but I didn’t feel any pain as there was only love. Before his enticing caress, I felt nothing. His every caress made me squirm. His every touch made me shiver. Alike he didn’t bother the public, he made me shameless too as with a want to have more of him, I didn’t distance myself from him. But I controlled my feelings to maintain order”.

“In a dreamy way, he provided me with pleasure that I didn’t realize when we reached home. We both had covered the long distance quickly it seemed as throughout our walk, he didn’t let me think about anything. His feel made me crave for it more and thus, I didn’t wish to leave him. But I had to say bye anyhow. I still remember his frown when I walked away from him. But even after perceiving the receding distance, he didn’t move. As if he wished me to return back to him, he stood looking at me but I was walking towards the door reluctantly. I too suffered alike him which I couldn’t change by returning to him. So, I kept moving. I thought he would keep staring at my fading image and with that thought, I looked back after reaching the door. But I found him to have been disappeared. May be he couldn’t see me go, so, he went without standing hopelessly. But I was pushed into resentment when I felt I had disappointed him”.

I held a deep silence and frown when I finished narrating. My colleague saw the prevailing bruise in me which occurred in our separation. It bothered her too as she was also silent for a while. But she came up with a question which indicated that she still wasn’t done.

“Your lover is so romantic as none does such acts in public place. But what’s there to repent so much when you both can meet each other any time?”, she asked with a confused expression.

I read that I wasn’t clear to her still. So, I responded, “We aren’t lucky like others as its hard for us to meet often. Always I have to wait for long to meet him”.

“But why? Is that your family against your affair?”.

My colleague asked an another common question analyzing my state but I had an uncommon answer that pushed her into suspicion.

“No. My family favours it but still we rarely get to meet”.

“Is it his work that hampers or is it his family then? What’s the problem?”

My colleague busted out as she was confused to the core. She lost her toleration power when she didn’t receive a satisfying reply. But my answers were sure in puzzling her more.

“It’s the season which restricts our meet”

“Season?”, she exclaimed.

Stupid’, was what she felt listening to my response. But still she wondered deep upon my reply. It was when she couldn’t arrive at a conclusion, she believed I was purposely confusing her . So, she said, “What are you talking? I couldn’t understand. Make it straight”.

I saw the trouble in her which made me say, “It’s only during monsoon we get to meet. Not only me, instead everyone, including you”.

“And why is that?”

Alike her, even I was tired of her continuous questions. So, by putting an end to it, I replied, “Because he’s the rain”.

Everyone has a secret lover, not necessarily a person. It could be books, dress, a favourite destination or even a tasty food. Alike all, I too have a secret lover which is ‘Rain‘. As a day, when I was walking by the street, there was a huge downpour. And must admit that I enjoyed it. So, thought of bringing a short but interesting conversation by putting the rain as my lover and therefore, this story. I hope you all liked it. If yes, mention it in comment section and do like and share this story with others! Thank you! 

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