Benisha Nadar


Every writer yearns to become an author and I’m happy that I could succeed in my aim. The day when I commenced to write, I didn’t think of becoming an author but when I was motivated to write a book and become an inspiration to all, I desired for authorship. I won’t say I dedicated my entire time in writing but I was determined in devoting at least an hour or two per day for the same which led me to write enough.

As success isn’t achieved easily, I had to count every small step to reach authorship. I joined two anthologies of The Suman Publications to get my poems published and then I published my own debut book “Moments of Life“.

My debut book provided me with joy and appreciations which pushed me to write my next book which is yet to be published. Also, it made me contribute to different anthologies subsequently.



Words Mansion


Radiate Positivity


Moments of Life



Poetry Essence Vol-1



From Friends to Beloved