Mugen & Losliya – An Epitome of Friendship

Bigg Boss Season 3 in Tamil has seized many hearts. After it’s launch, the show gained many viewers. It was due to the spicy contestants that the show’s TRP was high. But apart from them, the friendship of that two contestants which was adored a lot is Mugen and Losliya. So here’s a post titled as Mugen & Losliya – An Epitome of Friendship all about them.

Losliya, a bubbly girl whose cute acts and expressions became people’s heart throb. While Mugen, an extraordinary singer and a charming person whose song became youngsters love tune. Though they both were different in every possible way, they both became friends at the very first week of Bigg Boss. Though they didn’t giggle every time, they were available for each other at hard times. They always poured concern towards each other and shared moral advices at times of need. Their dance, their songs, their smile, everything that they shared together has been always perceived as cute. Besides the individual fanpages for Mugen and Losliya, their fans have created numerous fanpages for them together. This states that their friendship is divine and loved by everyone.

As the season has entered into the last week, here’s a post appreciating their friendship as Mugen & Losliya – An Epitome of Friendship.

If togetherness is friendship,
Then Losliya and Mugen are an epitome;
The care and love they show on each other,
Is undeniably a great inspiration alone.

Dancing of them together,
In need embracing one another;
Always being friendly,
Is what attracts the viewers largely.

Mugen and losliya,
You make good friendship together;
We wish you stay happy,
And be a companion alike now forever!

by Benisha Nadar

Mugen & Losliya - An Epitome of Friendship

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