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When the lockdown is closing all the ways to get out, Money heist is opening the doors for many to explore the world of heist. Money heist – a spanish drama series created by Alex Pina is getting into the nerves of viewers, making the entire world crazily attached to it. Money heist which is named as La Casa De Papel in Spanish is something about which I’m going to englighten in this blog.

Starting with the plot of the story until now, divided into 4 parts, Money heist is a big robbery planned by a Professor. After finding eight robbers, he train them and one day let them hijack the Royal Mint of Spain by wearing jumpsuits with a mask of a Spanish painter named Salvador Dali.

Money heist

They enter with a plan to not harm any hostages but to print 2.4 billion euros after which they will escape through a tunnel which will be digged by themselves in that Royal mint itself whose pathway will lead to Professor’s place. The Professor help them from outside by keeping an eye over the cops and the intelligence department.

When this news of hijack shakes the entire spain, Inspector Raquel Murillo is brought to the picture to negotiate the terms with the Professor in order to release the hostages. On one side, Inspector Raquel falls in love with Salva whom she meets in a cafeteria while on the other side, the robbers fail to maintain the harmony and unity with each other.

Money heist

At some point, Raquel starts suspecting Salva to be the Professor and guess what, her suspicion turns to be true and that’s when rift takes place in their relationship. But Salva who reveals his real identity as Sergio, states that the plan of robbery was of his dad and he executed it for him. He narrates his dreadful past and even states that to make love with Raquel wasn’t a part of his plan which convinces her and she decides to unite with him.

Later, as Inspector Raquel gets suspected as the part of the robbery and another official takes her place in negotiation, the CNI sends armed forces into the Royal Mint to massacre everyone, except the hostages. That’s when the robbers get out through the tunnel with 984 million euros as instructed by professor and flee away after losing Oslo, Berlin and Moscow (robbers) in the heist. Later, after one year of the heist, Raquel Murillo goes in search of Sergio to Palawan in Philippines through a clue left by him for her. And at the end of part 2, they reunite.

Money heist

Where everything seemed to have been ended peacefully, the part 3 brings in chaos. When every robber including the professor hide themselves in different locations, Tokyo, one of the robber goes out of an island (where she hid with Rio) to enjoy some days out away from the idle island. It’s in her absence that Rio gets caught in the island as he uses satellite cellphone to contact Tokyo. After the arrest, none of the media reports any news about Rio which pushes Tokyo into a suspicion. Therefore, she escapes from that place and reaches Professor for help.

Professor suspects that Rio is getting tortured by the cops and thus, to rescue him, he assembles the entire team of robbers. It’s that time, when everyone comes to know that Lisbon aka Inspector Raquel is too a part of them now. And together they decide to war by executing professor’s brother i.e. Berlin’s old plan of robbing the Bank of Spain including three new members in the team.

Money heist

During it’s execution, several hostages get captivated inside the Bank. At one side, the CNI calls Inspector Sierra for negotiation while on other side the robbers engage in melting the gold. When the robbers get the secrets of the state, professor negotiates with the Inspector to release Rio in exchange of 11 hostages. And as planned, it happens which brings in happiness. But a point comes where Lisbon gets arrested by the cops by pretending to have executed her to make professor believe that she has died. And meanwhile in the Bank of Spain, Nairobi, a robber gets shot for which the robbers launch a missile which ends the part 3 with the beginning of the war.

Part 4 brings in more chaos inside the Bank of Spain wherein robbers start holding hostility towards each other. When Nairobi comes out of danger by undergoing an operation, the security of Governor Gandia escapes by removing his handcuffs at his own by breaking his thumb. At one side, Lisbon gets interrogated by Inspector Sierra which Professor gets to know later and feels happy that she’s alive, while on other side, Gandia attacks the robbers.

When the robbers in the Bank of Spain get in search of Gandia, he captivates Tokyo in a panic room and he shoots Nairobi to death.

Money heist

This evokes anger in professor and he decides to give them 100 times back. Thus, he attacks the police and CNI by launching missiles under which the first was Nairobi’s funeral, second, the statement of Rio against the police for torturing him, third, the evidence of torture against Rio and fourth, the unlawful interrogation with Lisbon. This provokes the government to arrest the people involved in unlawful acts and provides external help to Lisbon by freeing her and moving her to supreme court. Meanwhile inside the Bank of Spain, Tokyo knocks down Gandia unconscious.

Inspector Sierra, who tortured Rio, admits the truth before the press. For defaming the police department and for her unlawful actions, an arrest warrant gets passed. As Gandia killed Nairobi unarmed, every robber holds rage against Gandia. But professor asks to keep Gandia alive for misleading the police to get Lisbon inside the Bank of Spain. And as per the plan of professor, Lisbon comes back and joins the team but Sierra reaches Professor’s place and places him on gun point which ends the part 4 with a suspense.

Money heist which is trending in Netflix, seizes everyone’s heart and makes everyone crave to watch it. With a master plan and it’s perfect execution, the character of Professor has been loved all over the world. Though this is a heist, the robbery as well as the love between several characters has been beautifully picturised balancing both really well. Attaching everyone emotionally at certain places, this web series makes every eye tear and should say that every cast of this series have played their roles amazingly.

As most of them watched the part 4 which got released in this month, I’m sure everyone enjoyed the twists and turns in it. To the one who didn’t watch it yet, I hope you do it and enjoy your time during this quarantine by staying home safely. Believe me, this web series will drive you crazy with time. So, check Netflix and watch this series quickly as I’m dam sure that you all will love it.

After watching the series, if you all fall in love with Bella Ciao song then don’t forget to comment below. And with this, here comes the end of this blog on Money heist – a spanish drama series.

Stay home and watch Money heist in Netflix!

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(Note: The next blog explaining the part 5 of Money Heist will be posted immediately after its release in Netflix. So stay tuned!)

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