Memorable College Happenings

If you ask someone about their best memorable days, they will name school days. As one spends ten years of their life in school, it remains close to their heart. But even after it, the three years of college life too reserves a place in one’s heart, remembering which here’s a blog Memorable College Happenings.

School times is where everyone was innocent and childish, while in college, all were mature and understanding. If you ask in which time, among the two, one was mischievous, I will say both but the only difference is during school time, we unknowingly and playfully committed mistakes while during college days, we knowingly did everything. As it’s the activities performed during that time makes it special, below are some remarkable happenings of college time.

Proxy Attendance

You might remember the days when you proxied the attendance of your friend and got caught red-handed. Wasn’t that enjoyable? Everyone must have done it once in a while during college time as I too did it. But the best part of it was, even after getting punished for proxy marking, we never stopped doing it. We all were so adamant, right?

Copying missed lecture’s notes

Bunking is commonly done by everyone and thus, copying of notes by seeking help from the scholars i.e. regularly attending students, takes place often. And it happens that only to complete those notes, some step into library. Otherwise, they don’t even sneak into it. Are you such type of a person?

Sharing of Textbook

In a day, you must’ve attended 4 to 5 lectures which wouldn’t have been a concern. But carrying all 4 to 5 textbooks relating to the subject would’ve been bothersome. So, most of the time, you would’ve skipped some textbook and borrowed it from friends during lecture. And sometimes would have come into teacher’s attention and earned scoldings for the same, didn’t you?

Teacher’s sudden question

It would’ve occurred commonly with the one who paid less attention during the lecture. Suddenly, teacher must’ve called you by your name and asked you to explain the term that she elaborated upon to which you may have stammered and stood silently. Irritated by your dump behaviour, she would have asked you to sit down which must’ve relieved you greatly. Didn’t you face such a situation?


Do you remember that during group presentations, you used to memorize the points and speak it with certain flaws over the dais? It largely happens as rarely one takes interest in it. Sometimes, when the presentation team is your own friends’ group, you demand for the easier part of the topic or only the conclusion and allot the introduction to someone clever in your group. Have you done that?

Moot court

The students who had Business Law subject must have got the experience of Court proceedings through Moot court. This would have been the most amusing activity of college as it’s something unseen and not played before. Thinking about a story line, preparing different evidences and witnesses to prove the culprit as guilty, everything would have been different in experience and the one who got an opportunity to work on it, truly is lucky!

Industrial Visit (IV)

Did you pay for IV only for the purpose to enjoy, without considering it as a study visit? You must have done it. As college takes us for trekking but not for picnic alike in school days, we take this as an opportunity to go out and enjoy the time with our friends.

Department or College fest

Do you remember your contribution and hard work during your department or college fest? One must have not worked so much for presentations but surely you must have paid a lot of time to fest. As it’s the most delighting event in everyone’s college life, we tend to remain devoted and also, we enjoy our time by volunteering and participating in events.

Last bench atrocity

Last bench has always been a target of all lecturers only because of the students. As one doesn’t pay attention, eats tiffin by spreading the aroma of food all over the classroom and even sometimes sleep, teachers always have an eye on last bench. Were you a last bencher?

Dozing off during lecture

Not every lecture sounds interesting as some lecturer’s explanation seems to be a lullaby listening to which one dozes off often. At such times, if the professor notices you, they may shout your name or throw a piece of chalk to awaken you, to which you may wake up with a jerk and turn the situation as bizarre. Did you experience it?

Three years of college life gives all of us several memorable moments among which I chose a few but the best fun-filled moments. If you have experienced something more joyous, then share it in the comment section by reminiscing your Memorable College Happenings!

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