Malang – Unleash the Madness

Revenge‘, this is what the Malang – unleash the madness movie is all about. But the only difference is that both the protagonist yearns for the retaliation instead of one amongst the both which gets largely illustrated in other movies.

Advit Thakur (Aditya Roy Kapur) detained and depressed by his broken family bond, plans to get far away from it. And on the other hand, Sarah (Disha Patani) plans for a trip in order to enjoy her life which she perceived to have been controlled by her parents. Thus, both of them dissatisfied with their life, get down at Goa and they coincidentally meet each other. Sarah carries a wish to explore different things which was unexplored by her before. Thus, with every such wish completion, she unties a knot from her wrist band. Being attracted to Sarah after their first meet, Advit travels with her to fulfill her wishes. As they spend several intimate times together, she gets pregnant.

Though Sarah first decides to drop the baby, later after noticing Keshav’s tears (Anil Kapoor, the cop) on his daughter’s death during a gunshot, she understands that her parents weren’t wrong in controlling her life. And thus she changes her decision which Advit doesn’t like. As he wasn’t interested in having a family or making relationships, he leaves her and goes to meet his friend. But after meeting his friend and his wife, he realizes the importance of a family. Therefore, he returns back to Goa. And there comes a twist in the film.

Michael (Kunal Khemu) a corrupted cop, is about to get married to his fiancee but he has a fear of being an impotent. Thus, to not take a chance after marriage, he decides to experience sex and likewise he gets the address of Jessie. Jessie was the one who used to sell herself for the sake of enjoyment. And was the only friend of Sarah and Advit in Goa. Thus, after separation, Sarah stayed with Jessie.

As that night, Jessie went out, Michael considers Sarah to be Jessie. But Sarah denies and asks him to get out. Though he walks away, her words “Aurat ko respect Karna toh nahi aata, aaye mard banne” pierces Micheal’s manliness. And thus he attempts to kill her. As this gets noticed by Advit, he saves her and intimates the cops about the incident who’s none other than Micheal’s friends. In order to cover up the incident, they inject a high dose drug in Sarah and throw her in water. While they file case on Advit and put him behind the bars for 5 years. Later, how does the story turn out? How does he take revenge of it? Does the sinisters get punished? The rest of the story explains everything.

With a blend of intense romance and power packed actions, Malang movie has been extraordinarily filmed. The togetherness of Advit and Sarah is sure to evoke feelings among the viewers.

Malang - unleash the madness

Malang - unleash the madness

Alike every movie, the female protagonist falls into danger but the climax wherein she re-enters, makes the viewers feel satisfied because she completes the movie giving it a happy ending.

Songs are those driving factors that pulls the audience to the theaters to watch the movie. As they are the determining factors of a movie, they are always required to be the best when it falls into the listener’s ears. Likewise, the songs Malang Title Track and Humraah captures the hearts and forces the listeners to make a move.

Malang – unleash the madness being a Valentine week release film it’s the best one to watch with your partners. So, watch the movie in your near by theatres.

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