Love v/s Wife

Love is the purest form of affection on earth. When such a love stays longer in your life and makes you feel stronger at tough times, you are the luckiest person of all. Through the post Love v/s Wife, here’s me going to address you the importance of Love.

Times aren’t same in everyone’s life. Therefore the Love which ends into marriage in one’s life may not happen with the other. Such person’s life converges into heaven only when their Wife loves them immensely after marriage. But if they become poisonous, it turns into hell. Love is something which once met it is difficult to forget. Therefore if your love finds you in trouble, it’s them who will come to weed off the difficulties if you face any. As Love has no limit, their extend of love shower is too extreme. Therefore, your Love will protect you being a shield when your married life doesn’t let your wound heel.

In Sanjivani, as Dr. Sid married Dr. Asha without realizing her true face, he has been facing tremendous problems consistently. But Dr. Sid’s love i.e Dr. Ishani has been protecting and guiding him throughout his pathway of life. Proving their love to be immortal, Sidisha are inspiring many out there. So highlighting the entire scene, here’s a post Love v/s Wife all about it.

Not every Love turns as Wife,
And not every Wife showers Love;
Though this is the practicality of life,
One regrets for being unloved.

When the women you married turns poisonous,
And the girl you loved saves you being a shield;
You don’t need anyone else in your life,
As your love is present to get the negativity peeled.

The person who possesses such Love in their life,
Feels lucky enough for allowing them to be a part;
As such Love is rare in nature,
I wish the one who meets up, never let them live apart!

by Benisha Nadar

Love v/s Wife

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