#KurtaTwitter & #JhumkaTwitter hashtags

You must have found important, political, controversial and social topics to be trending in twitter. But have you ever seen #Kurtatwitter & #Jhumkatwitter hashtags to be trending? If you haven’t, you might get shocked as in current hour it’s happening in twitter.

No one knows who commenced the trend but slowly everyone joined with it. By sharing their pictures wearing Kurta (boys & girls) or Jhumka (girls), they are participating in the trend. So many people have joined the fun that the hashtags has reached the top in Twitter Trends.

When it was only the common public who were sharing their pictures, Yash Raj films too shared images of Rithik Roshan and Anushka Sharma in their twitter handle to contribute to the enjoyment.

One must think what’s the need of such trends when we have several important topics to discuss in twitter. But in this pandemic state where there’s a lot of chaos and tension, everyone is lapsing into fun using these hashtag which is good too. So, if you are feeling low and wish to go crazy alike the tweeples, share your picture using #Kurtatwitter & #Jhumkatwitter hashtags and join the fun!

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