Keep Your Hope High

Issues, who doesn’t face it on earth and as common is it’s occurrence, the common is its impact too. People largely get disappointed, when they meet problems and tend to give up at times, when they become unable to withstand it’s influence. But the power of hope and belief is more than any other negative vibe, which we fail to realize. And to enlighten you by sharing it’s significance, here’s a blog ‘Keep your hope high‘.

Family rifts, breakup in relationships, love problems, unemployment, lack of money, health issues, likewise several troubles human face. And I agree, this is too much for a human to endure. But if you ask me is it worth it to give up for such issues then I will say no. Problems may be many and similarly is the happiness too. If you notice, your life balances the happiness and sorrow by itself. Therefore, when you face immense joy, you regret later equally. But if you have a hope that everything will be fine, surely the situation will turn out to be favourable sooner.

Law of attraction, everyone knows the concept. If you believe something good will happen, the universe gives you back the same. It’s like you attract the things that you think and thus, your thought process is always asked to keep as clean as possible. So, if you face troubles, believe that it will end soon and the same will happen quickly. As strong is your belief, the happy will be your life.

Everyone must have cut onions and all must have cried while chopping it. But even though it makes you tear, you don’t stop the process and cook the food without it. Why don’t you consider your problems to be an onion? Sorrow is as required as joy in our lives. We cannot eliminate it but at least we can keep going without giving up.

Life is a cuisine in which problem is an ingredient. Without it life won’t taste great. As after cooking the onion, we don’t feel the irritation in eyes, similarly is the problem which settles when killed it with positivity. So, accept what comes in your pathway and stay positive. Putting all together, what I wish to say through the blog ‘Keep your hope high‘ is –

It isn’t only issues
As even onions make you cry
So never give up
And keep your hope high

by Benisha Nadar

Keep Your Hope High

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I'm Benisha, a passionate person who accidentally became a writer. Professionally i work as an executive while passionately i play with words which turns out to be a quote/ poem/ story. So find my all works here !

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