Kanji and Jivi – A tragic love story

Every Love story is unique and likewise is the love story of Kanji and Jivi. Both from different villages meet each other in Janmashtami fair and fall in love then and there. As they belong from different castes, they had to undergo critical turns in their life. Kanji, a responsible person who have to look after his elder brother’s family fails to take a bold decision. But he finds it difficult to live without Jivi too. Therefore as per his friend’s suggestion, he marries Jivi to a barber of his own caste with a plan to reunite with Jivi later. But though he conspired, everything that happened with Kanji was completely opposite to what he thought. Life posed several difficulties and they were left with only troubles in their lives. So, what is the end of this love story? Did the barber withdrew his marriage ties later? Did they unite or not? Know it by reading this novel.

I remember that I read this novel during my college days i.e in the year 2016 or ’17. Reading the word ‘Love story‘ in the title, I picked up the book. As I always carried a interest in reading love stories, I chose to read this book too and must say, after completing the book, I felt as if I made the best choice.

To talk about the author, Pannalal Patel is an Indian Author who’s known for his noteworthy contributions in Gujarati Literature. He has written 61 novels and it’s said, most of his novels were based on Love. He largely focussed on rural life which can be found in this novel too.

Kanji and Jivi – a tragic love story, was originally written in Gujarati language by Pannalal Patel. The book was named as Malela Jeev, released in the year 1941 which was considered as the best of his works. This book was later translated into several other languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu and Kannada. In the year 2014, it was published in English language.

As the title itself has the Tragic word in it, the love story comes up with various falls and domestic violence scenes. This book may not be a choice by many as it showcases violence against women but at the end, you will celebrate the love of Kanji for Jivi once you complete reading it.

Kanji and Jivi – a tragic love story, this novel is a rare collection as there’s no ebook available for it. Even only Amazon sells a paperback edition of this book. But still if you are thinking of lapsing into love stories, take this into consideration. Buy the book and read it and if you like my suggestion, leave a comment below. Thank you!

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