If you’re devastating, eliminate yourselves from the sufferer’s life

Sometimes it isn’t the situation that’s critical. It’s the people who turn the situations into critical. So here’s a post titled as If you’re devastating, eliminate yourselves from the sufferer’s life explaining the prior phrase.

We say when we can’t help someone, at least we shouldn’t ruin their life. But I suppose some consider it to be a blind faith and tend to do the opposite of it. If one is really good at heart they shouldn’t hurt anyone in terms of helping someone. But I suppose such things are only meant for name sake and not for application. A thing that is to be understood by all is if you are good and remain good to all, you will be respected. And if you are good but bad to some, then you won’t be considered to be worthy of respect.

In Sanjivani (television series), Dr. Sid has married Dr. Asha. And it seems Dr. Sid has married her only for protecting her. But he’s pretending as if he fell in love with her and therefore married her willingly. As Dr. Ishani loved Dr. Sid and Dr. Sid too loved her back (but never admitted his love), Dr. Ishani is facing the unwanted consequences. As for helping his friend Dr. Asha, he hurted his love Dr. Ishani. So through the post If you’re devastating, eliminate yourselves from the sufferer’s life, here’s what I say

Humans aren’t an object,
But sometimes people consider them as like that;
If they like it, they maintain it with care,
And if they don’t, they break it and don’t even give it a stare.

When for friends you can sacrifice your love,
Why for love you can’t even show some affection?
Does such people truly hold a key,
To turn their heart into rigid through love like element’s suspension?

Situations aren’t hard in some people’s life,
As it’s the people like them who make it too difficult to breathe in peace;
I hope such people realizes their devastating nature,
And eliminates themselves from the sufferer’s life at least!

by Benisha Nadar

If you're devastating, eliminate yourselves from the sufferer's life

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