I am because of him (Father)

Everyone who comes up in life has an inspiring and struggle-filled past. And that makes me ponder sometimes. If you take myself, I never had to put in extreme effort to reach this position (authorship) and I suppose, it’s the effort of my parents that made me achieve everything effortlessly. As more than me, my father struggled extremely, I would like to narrate his life story today.

My father’s story started in a small village in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu where he was born and brought up. He says that after a long await of my grandparents to have a boy child, he took birth. As he was born as a desire and a second child after my aunt, he was loved more than her by my grandmother. Commonly as a mother loves the boy child and the father gets attached with the girl child, the same happened in our home too. They were like a happy family with the four members to feed each other with immense happiness, until that one day arrived.

My grandfather was said to be a kind-hearted and generous man in the village. And may be, that’s why, he gave all his wealth and property to his relatives and sold some of it for money. Though this seems something to be appreciated, it wasn’t like that in reality, as my father was left with nothing in his name. This pushed my grandmother into depression. She wanted something to be kept for my father but my grandfather didn’t listen which made her frown. It happened that she suffered from Tuberculosis and died when my father was of the age of 10. As she was the dearest to my father, he was left devastated. And having no money to study further, he dropped his school at fifth grade and moved to Mumbai to work.

He started as a road-side food seller and continued doing it as well as other’s household works until he got an opportunity to work as a driver in a company. As my father had good knowledge about the functioning of cars, he got selected in an interview and joined as a driver to the boss of the company. Due to his persistent hard work and dedication, he earned sufficient wealth to feed his family of four members after marriage and fulfilled all wishes of his daughters.

Today, my mother doesn’t have to feel tensed upon insufficient money to buy essentials, my sister has got married in a respectable and good family, I have become an author and we have all needful facilities at our home which is all because of him. If he wouldn’t have worked day and night for us, we wouldn’t have seen the rise in our life. Behind our every bliss, it has him and I thank him for that.

Sometimes, life becomes miserable irrespective of our intelligence while sometimes, our ignorance makes our life miserable. But in my life, I neither faced misery nor I was ignorant because he stabilized everything with his determination and sacrifices. For every girl, her father is a hero and I won’t call it as wrong, as for me too it’s the same.

For my father’s endeavour, I salute him
For his love, I adore him
For his selflessness, I respect him
In all, I love him!

Love you Dad!

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