Gravels prick but Pebbles don’t!

Anger is a very common expression of human creatures and may be that’s why, everyone shows it on their surrounding people. Generally, if one scolds, we become hyper and when it comes from our dear ones, we become intolerant and sad. As dear one’s anger is always an expression of love and care, here’s a blog ‘Gravels prick but Pebbles don’t’ explaining the same.

Mistake largely earns the scolding which makes us frown at times. Sometimes, it even grows into an argument which creates rift in bonds. As we all fail to understand the reason behind one’s anger, we react and that reaction brings in estrangement.

If you must have noticed, there are only two people who scold us – one is the stranger and the other is our acquaintance, friends and family member. Strangers generally show their anger when you misbehave with them, while your closed ones become furious when they want to weed out that misbehaving attitude in you. Always it’s the dear ones who shows concern rather than the strangers. Thus, learn to differentiate the fury of people and admire them for their care.

Everyone’s furiousness hurts and I agree that closed one’s anger hurts the most. But as it’s never with an intention to pierce you, comprehend their action. Always try to grasp their purpose of rage and learn to value the relationship. Misunderstanding is the major thing that hampers the peace in a bond. Never commit that mistake and stay affable with your closed ones.

And finally, what I wish to say through the blog ‘Gravels prick but Pebbles don’t’ is;

“Never mind if your dear ones scold you
As gravels prick but pebbles don’t!”

by Benisha Nadar

Gravels prick but Pebbles don't

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