Find solution to cut down the trouble that grows

Every event may not be troublesome but every troublesome event may create a disaster. But as we say every problem has a solution one must find solution to cut down the trouble that grows.

Sometimes we tend to face a situation which makes us wonder about it’s happening. Whether it’s true or false? Is it really happening into my life? This is something that we imagine all about. Such situation arises when unexpected events occur. And therefore we remain spellbound and react to it later. Those unexpected events, either it could give you happiness or sorrow. But we being humans have to remain strong to face every situation. As every complexity isn’t that complex as we think, we just need to find a right solution to sort the problem out.

Dr. Ishani in Sanjivani (television series) has faced a similar situation wherein she’s wondering about Dr. Sid’s marriage with Dr. Asha. Whether it’s true or not, she doesn’t know. But to overcome this trouble, she has to find out the truth. So through the post Find solution to cut down the trouble that grows, here’s what I say

Confusion persists,
When one has no idea about the happenings;
Whether the events are true or fake,
This thought makes our happiness get wreck.

As without a solution,
A problem never gets sorted;
Similarly without a clarity,
The confusion will always be seated.

But one must understand that,
If life gives a trouble it gives an hint for it’s solution too;
So face the situation with guts,
And search for the solution to cut down the trouble that grows!

by Benisha Nadar

Find solution to cut down the trouble that grows

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I'm Benisha, a passionate person who accidentally became a writer. Professionally i work as an executive while passionately i play with words which turns out to be a quote/ poem/ story. So find my all works here !

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