Everything Turns Fine

Happiness and sorrow goes hand in hand but the ultimate attainment is always Joy. Something like this happened in yesterday’s episode (6th October, 2020) of Bigg Boss Tamil, about which I have explained through the post Everything turns fine.

It happened that a slight misunderstanding got created between Anitha Sampath and Suresh Chakravarthy which led to an argument. It didn’t settle until both distanced from each other for some while and later, both shook hands with each other indicating the settlement of issue.

When this happened on one hand, Nisha made everyone cry through her life story. After narrating her life’s happiest moment, she indicated that a bad incident had occurred. When Nisha was in KPY stage, her daughter had faced with an accident in which her one ear was cutted off. As she was a small kid, the ear got stitched and now she could hear properly. But this story truly brought tears into eyes. Though she too cried remembering the past, she took the guts to smile and make everyone happy too.

So, reading both the scenes what I derive is,

Some quarrel
While some make cry
But at the end of the day
Everything turns fine

by Benisha Nadar


Everything turns fine

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