Enna Suresh Sir?

Bigg Boss Tamil 4, which successfully entered into 3rd week, had been bringing unpected spice in the house. And the one who’s the silent killer is Suresh. Explaining the reason behind my statement through the post “Enna Suresh Sir? “.

In 13th October 2020 episode, eliminated people were given a task to win eviction-free pass (the person who wins will not be eliminated). In that task/game, when everyone agrees that this particular person doesn’t need the eviction-free pass, they have to move out. So, the same was happening that day but it was Suresh’s mastermind which controlled all and threw one by one out as per his wish. He simply used his strategy which was pointed by Ramya when only Suresh, Ajeesh and Ramya were left. Considering this Ramya and Ajeesh nominated Suresh. So, Suresh had to convince them.

To convince Ramya and Ajeesh, Suresh spoke ill about other contestants which was telecasted to entire contestants. Everyone understood his double game.

Even after attempting to convince Ramya and Ajeesh, they didn’t feel satisfied. So, he had to move out. The moment Suresh entered into the house, all started to question Suresh. But among them, Velmurugan became hyper. As once he gave Doti to Suresh and Suresh purposely manipulated the situation while trying to convince Ramya and Ajeesh, due to which Velmurugan became angry and he yelled at him.

Strategically Suresh played which is appreciable but when his manipulations hurts others, that strategy stands null.

So,  what I derive from the entire scene and would like to share with all through “Enna Suresh Sir?” is

Application of Strategy in Game is acceptable,
But over someone’s emotions is unacceptable.

by Benisha Nadar

Enna Suresh Sir

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