Around 4am in veranda, Lawrence meets Joseph facing the dark sky with a frown. So, he decides to talk to him and they have a conversation.

Lawrence: Isn’t the cool air, hissing sound, rustling leaves and the glowing moon making you feel good?

Joseph: How it would as it makes me worry.

Lawrence: Why so?

Joseph: Every night falls and the day rises. But when problem occurs, why it extends giving no way for the happiness to rise?

Lawrence: Hmm… I agree that it takes time for the joy to brighten when situations turn worse but if you notice, it’s we the reason behind its prolonged existence.

Joseph: When we humans wish for the problems to end, how do you blame us?

Lawrence: We have such desires during tough times but we fail to realize that we ourselves have the solutions to it.

Joseph: Your apprehensions are out of my understanding.

Lawrence: Brother, we humans are blessed with the controlling power but it’s rare that we use it during problems. Anger, tensions, fear, jealously, ego, tears everything which needs to be withdrawn to give way for joy are been sustained and thus, we don’t see the ray of light at all.

Joseph: But how is it even possible to control the emotions?

Lawrence: Emotions are to express but that doesn’t mean we let it stay for long. If you are angry on someone, speak to them the very next moment or the next day. If you are tensed or in fear, find out means to relax. If you are in depression, talk to someone whom you trust. Try every possible way to gain optimism.

Joseph: Is it even possible?

Lawrence: Nothing is impossible my brother. We say life creates magic but if we walk towards bliss, we can trigger the life to create magic. It’s just the hope, willingness and our quick step to tackle the issues that makes everything possible.

Joseph: It seems the darkness of night never scares you.

Lawrence: It’s the brightness of the coming day that makes me stay courageous and I think you should too shake hands with it.

Joseph: Surely! After all, I too want to remain as joyous as you.

They both laugh and turn towards the sky to see the rising dawn.

Moral: Situations can be worse but never fail to resolve it being expressive and egoistic. 

It’s rare that we understand that the problem as well as the solution to all the difficulties aroused is us. So, highlighting the same and with a motive to enlighten you, this conversation was wrote. Hope you all liked it. If yes then like the post and drop your feedback in comment box.

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