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After graduation, most of the passed-out students move out for seeking a good job. And in such a search, some gain while some lose. Sources say that the number of graduates is so many that the recruiting companies or the job availability falls short. Thus, many remain unemployed. But the struggle to find a job never settles as the financial crisis, prestige issues, willingness to grow, pushes one out of the house in search of a job. During such circumstances, wherein a person walks in thirst of job, instead of quenching it, some consultancies push them into misery.

A Consultancy is generally a third party who recruits the candidates for their contractual company. But these consultancies, in these days, have lost the faith among job seekers because of their fake identities. Many must have received the calls from consultancies wherein you might have been asked to make payment for seeking a job. It occurs so commonly that every individual meets such a situation while applying for jobs online. But it happens, some fall into their trap and today one such story, I’m going to narrate.

Pooja (fake name created to veil the identity), a B. Com graduate, who left her previous job after working for two months, went in search for a new job in Naukri, Indeed, Monster and Quikr job portals. Once she received a call from a company named Phoenix for a job of Data Entry. She was happy that she received an Interview call, so she joyously went to the High street Mall, Thane where the company was located.

Reaching the office, she was asked to pay a job application fee of Rs. 500 which she paid only because it was said, “If you don’t get selected, the amount will be repaid”. In order to seek a job of Rs. 15000, she didn’t mind paying Rs. 500. But the situation wasn’t as she expected.

After getting seated before the manager, Pooja wasn’t asked any questions. Instead she was said, “We offer only Rs. 5000 for the data entry job while we have another vacancy for the position of HR in which you can earn Rs. 40000 per month. Which one do you wish to choose?”. She was provided with an either-or choice in order to lure her to agree for the latter, which worked too. She agreed for the HR position but she wasn’t provided with an offer letter unless she paid an amount of Rs. 7000. She wasn’t ready but she was convinced that the amount was for uniform, laptop and other essentials that was to be provided to a HR.

Been naive, she agreed, made the payment and received an offer letter too. She was told that her joining will be from next week in their branch located somewhere else whose address would be messaged to her. And in wait of it, she looked forward. When Pooja didn’t receive any update, she contacted the person but she was simply given excuses and was asked to wait for several weeks. This went on until her father suspected them to be fake and asked her elder sister to approach them. That’s when she comprehended them as misleading and asked them to return money. Neither the manager nor his workers reacted much as they politely agreed to pay and signed a cheque too but when they asked Pooja to sign a paper unnecessarily, her sister argued with them.

The argument grew into a quarrel but as they had received the cheque, they moved out without making it an issue. Their attitude and moreover their behavior were so harsh that Pooja’s sister took out her phone and tried to click a picture of their company’s name board, in order to lodge a police complaint. But she was unsuccessful at her attempt as her phone was snatched and she was dragged into the closet by them. As Pooja’s sister tried to expose them, they got frightened but they hid it from Pooja and her sister by behaving rudely. As if they were concerned about their fake company’s reputation, they argued and later left them go when Pooja’s sister controlled her anger.

Pooja and her sister left only because the cheque was received but they were fooled which was realized when it got bounced. When a certain amount got deducted from Pooja’s bank account, they contacted the concerned person who didn’t pick the call. When they reached the mall to check the company, it wasn’t at place. They understood that it was a complete setup which made Pooja feel furious. She obviously learnt a lesson but that event often reminds her about her foolishness and stupidity.

A job isn’t a vegetable that we purchase for money. It’s a position that we seek to help the company to grow for which we earn money in return. Always remember that jobs are to invest your knowledge and expertise and not to invest money. So, be cautious while you receive calls from fake companies and consultancies and always seek a job without making any sort of payment for it!

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