Distraction or Peace?

It happens that when we dislike someone or their behaviour, we carry hatred or estranged relationship with them which certainly leads to disturbance at some point ruining the peace in us. In order to put an end to such distraction, have you ever thought of building closer relation with them? No, right? Remember that by staying away, you choose distraction over peace and to help you out in making decision, here’s a blog Distraction or Peace?

Misunderstandings, violence, disagreements and mistakes, everything creates rift in relationships. Beginning with an argument, it gives way to a split and that separation takes away the joy factor and puts the never-ending disturbance in us. It’s until we try to mend the broken bond, the peace remains disappeared.

Sometimes people give away their hostility and engage in their relationship. While sometimes, people hold ego and stay estranged forever. Even frequent clashes pushes one away from another often. But if one wishes to stay united, none of the force can separate you.

To resolve an issue, one needs to be willing and until you bring that desire to put an end, the gap will keep growing. Though we are surrounded by many, even if one among them is hostile, we get distracted. For example, when you find a passing enemy, may you be in whatever mood, your face will show a dismay is their presence and that’s the distraction. Enemies may not matter the most but your close acquaintances obviously matters. So, don’t stay away if you wish to be close to them. Talk and feel sorry if you were wrong and end the silence to regain peace.

Life is short as we don’t know when it will end like the apocalypse shown in the Dark series (a web series played in Netflix). So, always choose peace over distraction and live your life happily without carrying any hostility.

Read the poem ‘Distraction or Peace?‘ below which wraps the entire blog in short!

A warm beverage,
Takes time to cool;
Similar is a problem,
Which takes time to settle.

If one wishes to end the issue,
They may keep the beverage under the fan;
And if one wants to grow it more,
They may keep the beverage boiling in high flame.

Right decision settles everything,
Which largely is needed to put down hatred;
So, think patiently,
And wonder whether you need distraction or peace in end!

by Benisha Nadar

Distraction or Peace?

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I'm Benisha, a passionate person who accidentally became a writer. Professionally i work as an executive while passionately i play with words which turns out to be a quote/ poem/ story. So find my all works here !

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