An Imaginary Dialogue

In yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss, there was too much of emotion and love. And that was between Suresh and Gabby. To explain the same to you, here’s the post “An Imaginary Dialogue“.

Yesterday Gabby, Rio and Velmurugan were considered as best dancers which gave them a chance to win the position of Captain of Next Week. So a task was held where first, for all three, supporters were decided. And the task was that the supporter has to hold them in their shoulders. The supporter who holds the competitor for long as well as who all additionally support the competitor doesn’t withdraw their hand from the competitor, will be the winner.

For Rio and Velmurugan, there were several supporters but for Gabby only the old man Suresh was present. The competition begun and Suresh carried Gabby at his back, hiding his pain. For 8 mins he held her but Gabby gave up looking at Suresh’s tiredness. She then cried and hugged Suresh for his extreme support. When no one stood for her, he stood. And moreover, even in that age with hip pain, he carried her.  Thus, there was too much of emotion.

Giving words to that emotion when he held her, I have written “An Imaginary Dialogue”. And here’s it.

“I feel no pain
As I have to support you, my dear
Even if you stay on my shoulders for long
I will hold you long, my dear”

“I feel your pain
Even when you’re silent, my grandpa
Please don’t make me poor
By making you fall on bed, my grandpa”

by Benisha Nadar

An Imaginary Dialogue

(In my last post, I had bashed Suresh and in this post, I’m appreciating him. It’s all because I understood that it’s Bigg Boss 😁)

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