I’m a passionate blogger and an author born on 4th September 1997 in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. I’m a BAF graduate but still my interest is all about writing. It happened that after my graduation, I got inclined towards English literature and so, I commenced to write and inspire. I started with Thoughts, Quotes, Short Stories and Poems which I shared through my blog “Idiomatic Eternity, based on blogspot. As the appreciations came in like the droplets of rain, I felt happy and in order to have a blog with my own name as the domain and to convert the droplets of appreciations into downpour, I created “benishawrites.com”. My writings under this blog gained more recognition which satisfied me the most but that wasn’t the end as my beloved college lecturer enlightened me to move ahead and write a book. And that’s how “Moments of Life – a book of poetic illustrations” happened. So far, I have come past those steps to attain success and I foresee that the final attainment isn’t too far. My story isn’t inspiring as it isn’t struggle-filled but still I wish to inspire people through my words as I believe words has the power to influence. So, this passionate writer is all set to motivate people in every possible way and will keep doing it until I fade.