A Letter to Sushant

Dear Sushant,

When I began to watch your movie ‘Dil Bechara‘, I thought I would end up reviewing it. But the movie’s end turned everything upside down as now I’m writing this letter to you. I wasn’t determined enough to not cry while watching the film. Instead I conceived that there would be a lesser chance for the same. Although several scenes were emotional, I didn’t drop even a single tear. But the end of the movie, where everyone watched you on-screen and smiled for one last time looking at your crazy and nutcase like behaviour after your demise, unknowingly I started to shed tears as it reflected the reality. Like why Sushant? Why you left this world? In the song, Dil Bechara, you ask, ‘Kyun mujhe miss bhi na kare?‘. I don’t know whether you got the answer to it at that time but now, I would like to tell you that We do miss you.

With the falling tears from my eyes, I’m writing this to you but I don’t want to miss telling you that you looked charming in the movie. Though I have a heavy heart, my face is still wearing a smile as my mind is engaged in reminiscing your bright face.

Every scene of the movie made me remember you. Don’t know why, for the first time I felt your loss so closely. It may be because the movie created a connection but I truly miss you.

As an actor, you must have earned applause and fans but now you have gained millions of hearts in which you are immortal. You are alive in us and will never die until we fade away.

I couldn’t complete this letter as instead of forming sentences, my mind is picturising you. But I would like to end it with this –

L mein joda O V E
Tumko Love Love Love kiya
Usme joda I K E
Tumko Like Like Like kiya

Love you Sushant ❤


Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry

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