10 Thoughts on Justice for Jayaraj and Bennix

The Law was always meant to protect the general public but when the Law Enforcement Officers proved it wrong by brutally attacking Jayaraj and Bennix in their custody, everyone lost trust. This incident when came to limelight, anger aroused among public. Alike George Floyd, Jayaraj and Bennix too faced the barbaric acts of cops. Such cases, lifts the faith over the policemen and when the government fails to take appropriate action, it lifts the faith from the law too.

Government is By the people, For the people and Of the people. So, I hope it doesn’t justify the act of brutal cops by simply suspending them. Instead it puts them behind the bars or hangs them to death by respecting the lost lives, understanding the pain suffered by the deceased, being empathetic towards their family and increasing the faith among general public. I hope justice gets provided to Jayaraj and Bennix soon.

Based on that Tuticorin issue, I have quoted 10 Thoughts on #JusticeforJayarajandBennix which states the facts and a few of my questions.

To protect was your responsibility,
But you attacked the innocent implying your barbarity!

Jayaraj and Bennix

Is the custody meant to imprison the sinners
or to kill the innocent?

Jayaraj and Bennix

Common man seeks help from you in danger
Where will he go if you endanger?

Jayaraj and Bennix

Trust is priceless but worthy
After the incident with Jayaraj and Bennix, how will we carry?

Jayaraj and Bennix

The Law Abiding Citizens when breaks the law get punished
While the Law Enforcement Officers who breaks the law get suspended
What kind of justice is this?

Jayaraj and Bennix

With the non-sinister, you behaved inappropriately
For your sin, we claim a horrible punishment greatly

Jayaraj and Bennix

Your merciless act devastated a family
How will you repay to make it steady?

Appreciate Generosity,
But never entertain Cruelty!

We respected you,
But you made us withdraw it for you!

Stand for people,
Don’t stamp on people!

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